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Find out what the market thinks

The Signal Dog is an expert in finding Market Sentiment.

“Market sentiment” is what investors think about a stock or currency. It is what makes the price go up or down - greed or fear.

Wall St. hedge funds pay fortunes to get access to market sentiment data. Wouldn’t you like to have the same edge in your trading decisions?

Well now you can, using a revolutionary new app called Signal Dog. (available on iPad, Iphone and Android)

Signal Dog notifies you when and by how much market sentiment changes, so you will know exactly when to make a trade.

Signal Dog also tells you the likelihood that the change in market sentiment has been found. By ignoring the signals with a low value you can decrease your risk and increase your win rate, boosting your profits!

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How it works

The Signal Dog app might look simple, but all the complicated work happens on our servers.

Our servers use the latest technology to search 36 million articles a day and over 500 million social messages. Signal Dog then finds the mood of the market towards any given stock, currency, commodity or index. This is what is called Market Sentiment.

When there is a change in market sentiment, Signal Dog will notify you on your smartphone. This means you can take advantage of this trend as it is starting, not at the end like nearly all other traders do.

So whilst you don’t need a PhD to understand and use Signal Dog, you do need one to develop the system behind the app.

The technology is currently used by hedge funds in automated trading and cost millions to develop.

Signal Dog is changing that by bringing market sentiment to anyone with a smartphone.

Trading using signal dog

The way to trade with Signal Dog is the following:

  1. On the settings section of Signal Dog, select what you want to trade in. For example you could select gold, Apple Computer stock or the S&P 500 index.
  2. Wait for Signal Dog to notify you of a change in market sentiment
  3. Make your trade †
  4. Make sure you have a GTC (Good 'Till Cancelled) Trailing Stop on your trade (15% - 20% is a good value: read research about that here). So as soon as your trade stops going up in value and starts going down you are taken out of the market
    1. This ensures that you can automatically take as much profit as possible without watching the market every minute of the day
    2. It ensures your losses are never too high
    3. You will sleep better at night - don’t trade with a broker that doesn’t offer this service
    4. For more information on what a Trailing Stop is click here: Investopedia: Trailing Stop

† Signal Dog advises you of market sentiment possibly giving you a huge trading advantage. However we do not guarantee that the market will behave according to market sentiment all the time. Or that all your trades will be profitable. Other external factors may prevail.

About Signal Dog

The technology behind Signal Dog has been in development since 2013. It has been successfully used by bank trading desks and brokers since 2014.

Signal Dog is committed to making financial analysis accessible to everyone. Not just uber-wealthy Wall St. traders and hedge fund managers.

Giving open data access to all reduces the gap between the rich and poor. This leads to a healthier, more robust global economy.

By signing up here you are showing your support to our mission. Help us build a more balanced financial future for everyone.